June 14th- 18th At HavensHealth

Cervical screening (smear test) can help stop Cervical Cancer before it starts, but we know that having a smear test and waiting for the results can be difficult.

This week the HavensHealth team are joining with Jo's Trust to raise awareness about cervical screening and help share the facts.

We want to do all we can to share information, answer your questions and support anyone who is worried.

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Getting your screen test done next week

We have reserved some appointments every day next week for smear tests, available at short notice on a “first- come first- served basis”.

If your smear test is due, please contact us and we will book you in and our nurses will carry out the screen test as gently as they can.

Every year 5 million people are invited for a screening test and we don’t want anyone left behind !

Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2021

Published: Jun 10, 2021