GP Health Record




Earlier this year, NHS England proposed that patients should be able to read new entries in their GP health record from 1 November 2022. 

Under the plans, patients would be able to register online and access their health record. GP Surgeries would be able to customise or remove access for individuals if this is deemed inappropriate.  

Along with the majority of practices across the UK, Havens Health Medical Practice has not yet rolled out this functionality to our patients. Both the British Medical Association (BMA) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) have issued guidance to support practices - we are following this advice and therefore have decided to delay the automatic access to patients records option being made available at this time.

  • The practice needs to ensure that there are appropriate measures in place to protect patients. For example, this may apply to those living with abusive partners or patients with particular mental health conditions. Going ahead if the practice is not fully prepared could jeopardise patient safety 
  • The practice needs more time to roll this service out, in line with our obligations under the Data Protection Act

During this time, should you wish to individually request access to your records, please submit your request through our contact form

Those patients who already have online access to their records will notice the following new entry added to their record on 31 October 2022 – "Enhanced review indicated before granting access to own health record". This has been added to the records of all patients. Once a record has been reviewed, and the practice feels that it is both safe and appropriate for a patient to have access to their record, a second entry will be added to enable access.